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The Study of Food Security and Its Historical Aspects

Author:Hasanova Jamila Vagif Date:July 18,2019 Hits:


In this article has been investigated the food problem and The UN's activities in this direction, however, has been revised FAO’s position of eliminating the problem of shortage of food resources that has become a peril and reached a minimum level. Food security of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the discussion of the state program that  associated with it has given, even ideas for the solution of the problem have been re-ported in the context.


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The Study of Food Security and Its Historical Aspects
Hasanova Jamila Vagif
Azerbaijan State University of Economics – UNEC, Baku, Azerbaijan
Corresponding author: Hasanova Jamila Vagif, Ph.D., Azerbaijan State University of Economics – UNEC, Baku, Azerbaijan.
How to cite this paper: Vagif, J. H. (2019). The Study of Food Security and Its Historical Aspects. Journal of Management Science, 7(1), 50-56.
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